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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AMERIPLAN: New Training Website

Yvette Rendon

Ameriplan: NEW Training Website!
We have a new training website. Be sure visit it right away as several things have been added.

· Craigslist FREE Markets

· Craigslist FREE ADS

· Craigslist FREE Titles

You no longer need to email it to your team information on Craigslist. Simply direct them to

Magnetic Car Signs and Flyers are also listed in

Your training website is password protected. Your password is (Your have been emailed the password or contact your enroller for the password)

When you sign up a new ibo make sure you get them started on their 10 Steps @ Be sure to provide them the password: (that has been emailed to you or provided by your enroller) and the password to enter the training site.

InTheZone section
InTheZone is now located @ Be sure to visit this right away. As were building our business DISTRACTIONS try getting us off course from reaching whatever our goals are. InTheZone is designed to help keep you on track to reaching your goal…whether that may; whether it maybe first position in Ameriplan or $100,000.00 RESIDUAL Income within 2 years.

Happy to have you as part of our team,

Yvette Rendon
AmeriplanUSA National Sales Director

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